Pilates motivates, moves and heals your body and mind.
Our Pilates
Become stronger - in places you did not even know you could get strong
Pilates group classes on the mat will focus on exercises, which are radiating from the core of the body, to unify and optimize the body strength, form and function. With Pilates movement we would like to introduce concepts that allow your body to adjust the demands of daily activities. Pilates may help to reduce pain, prevent and recover from injuries. It is a great addition to any activity or physical therapy program.
If Pilates is practiced with consistency it can build strength, develop control and endurance in the entire body.

One to one personalised session for the client individual needs, to enable joyful, pain-free, empowered movements, connecting the body and mind.

The sessions are designed for your current mental and physical well-being, offering a personally tailored movement experience.

Group classes are an excellent fun way to get your daily dose of movement.

You will meet like-minded people and cheer for each other, support each other throughout the class. This is a great boost for your motivation, confidence and endorphin levels.

The low impact movements are designed to strengthen and tone your body as well as build coordination and flexibility. You will improve your posture and your overall well-being too.

Exclusive package for the ones who want to see results quicker and combine Personal Training Sessions in the center with Pilates Reformer. We offer you together with AZ Metamorphosis your own transformation. This is a month program with 8 individual sessions with your personal trainer and 8 private Reformer sessions with Sophie as well as a nutrition plan for the whole month. This is the best way to start to change your life with us.

About the studio
A space and time to focus only on yourself with your dedicated instructor guiding you through movements with minimal distractions. You can concentrate on yourself and on your personal goals and enjoy your self-care time.
OUR Team
We are here to achieve your goals!
  • Zsofia
    Mat and Reformer Pilates Instructor
    With movement background in Synchronized Swimming, dancing, Pilates and yoga, Zsofi incorporates various elements to make your body flow through movements which you can enjoy but also challenge you.
Our classes
Light and spacious interiors of our studio are perfectly comfortable for practicing at any time
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